About us

Dr. Cesare Orlandini del Beccuto

Start working in the investment sector of Italy in the '70, from 1995 international business advisor in his own activity all over the world, for SIMEST Spa in the GCC countries (until 2015) and for NAME srl North Africa and Middle East Consulting.

Since 2003 based in Riyadh, Dr. Cesare Orlandini del Beccuto is board member of the Italian Arab Chamber of Commerce since 2014.

The local experience has permit to establish relation with the most important entrepreneurs groups. 

In those countries, we know and help you to set up all legal procedures with the best professionals for the establishment of a new company or a branch. 


Dr. Cesare Orlandini del Beccuto has very good links with local and international financial entities working in the field of investments.

Our knowledge can help your company to develop abroad his activity in order to strengthen the future of the company.

Our goal is to develop foreign investment for italian companies: organise B2B contacts, help you in legal procedures for newco in shortest possible time, thanks a network of professional people specialized in different countries.

Dr. Cesare Orlandini del Beccuto

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